I nearly fell off the couch laughing the fourth time “Rock Me Amadeus” started playing.

Also, watch for Jesse Eisenberg’s favorite Neil Young Tour shirt…I know I had favorite t-shirts that I wore over and over – still do.

He also has a tendency to tell that story about Charles Dickens on a regular basis.

This is reality.  I love this movie for the same reason I love Groundhog Day.

The reason I think this is so important is because I believe that this is what David Foster Wallace is addressing in Infinite Jest in his consideration of rules and limits.  To me, in these movies, the repetition indicates the limits of the world we live in.

In a thesis on Infinite Jest, Brooks Daverman says

The rules of tennis, including the boundary lines of the court, are limits on the possibilities of the game. However, just like the square with an infinite amount of points inside it, the limits of tennis allow for an unlimited amount of possibilities within the boundaries

In a dream once, a spirit of some kind told me that going back to the waking world meant you “had to follow the rules.”  Not the rules of a particular society or culture, but the rules of existence here in this beautiful world.