Sometime in the winter of 1985, we decided to go see the movie Diner, which was playing on-campus at the University.  We had just gotten a bag of weed and decided to smoke some before we left.

We had a sturdy no-carb bong that easily filled with smoke.  Getting a couple of those down each, we headed out to walk over to campus.

If you’ve ever heard or experienced the phrase “tripping high,” this was it.  It was a short walk to campus, but what worlds we crossed on our way there.

There were five or six of us walking over – I shared a house that year with Tim Kosloski and Doug Boyd, and Doug’s girlfriend Dana and one of her friends had joined us that night.

I saw the world as a video game.  The roads were flashing red danger areas with the sidewalks the “safe zone.”  There was real joy in stepping in to cross the roadway when no cars were coming.

As we made our way over to campus, the cultural imprint overlaying the physical environment we walked through was almost overwhelming.